When you make the decision to have a professional Orlando web design company handle your website project, you will find yourself faced with a rather difficult decision. This is the decision between a templated and custom design for your website. If you’re starting out as a business, the idea of a templated design may seem more appealing, mostly because of how much cheaper it is compared to a custom design.

However, while there is no denying the difference in cost, you have to keep in mind that there are numerous benefits to a custom design over a templated one. There is a good reason why this is still highly recommended by website companies. If you’re still strongly considering a custom Orlando web design, here are some reasons why custom design is the better choice for your website and business.

It’s tailored to fit your business and brand

One very important thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your site’s design is that it’s supposed to be a reflection on your business and brand. The great thing about a custom website design is that it can be tailored exactly to meet your brand’s look, helping you achieve the impression that you’re trying to go for with your website, as well as help you maintain the consistency between your website and your brand.

This is something that is difficult to achieve with a templated design but is very easy to do with a custom project. Everything is made from scratch when you decide to go with a custom option for your website design.

You have total control over everything

The biggest issue with templated designs is that everything is preset for you, which is great for people who don’t really want anything important for their websites, but this poses a problem for people who want to create the perfect design to reflect their business’ image. With custom designs, you can achieve this because you have complete control over your design, from start to finish, which makes it very easy for you to achieve your vision for your business website.

It’s easy to scale

As a business, you will not be content with keeping your business as is, as you might be planning to scale it later on in the future. With a templated design, it will be very difficult for you to amend your website to meet the demands of a larger scale website, not to mention, it will be difficult to implement the changes needed for this. With a customer Orlando web design, it will be much easier to change up the design and elements of your website when you begin scaling your business.