It’s a tale as old as time itself (okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the drift). Many companies think Lakeland internet marketing doesn’t work because it did not for them. After spending thousands of dollars on an internet marketing strategy, a company reserves the right to see actual results, of course. But this is not always the case and often, the problem lies with a disconnect between your business and the marketer that you chose.

Marketers have a habit of ignoring the character of a company and instead, use tried-and-tested marketing formulas. Sure, these techniques worked for other companies but that’s precisely the point. Marketing strategies must be customized and tailor-fitted to the company that you are trying to market.

Sending Traffic to a Useless Website

You are paying for Facebook Ads and Google Ads to send traffic to your website and yet, your website is boring, uninteresting, and not focused on your target audience. What you’re essentially doing is sending your customers to your competitors where they think they’ll get a better customer experience. What are the signs of a useless website? Those are easy to spot. They are full of boring and long-winding content. They use jargon and technical terms. They are full of stock photos. They don’t have a cohesive layout. They are centered on what the company is rather than what it can do for customers.

Using All Platforms

Another common mistake that marketers and business owners do is to use all social media platforms to market the company. They use a little bit of everything—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, etc. What exactly are you trying to achieve? You are confusing your target audience and you are wasting your money. Good Lakeland internet marketing has a very strategic approach to marketing a business. The strategy should identify which platforms work best. And of course, the results should be measured.

Hiring the Wrong Team

A business should have these people in its Lakeland internet marketing team: digital marketing specialist, digital content writer, digital designer, web programmer, search engine optimization specialist, digital advertising specialist, and social media specialist. These people are going to work together to create a strategy that suits your business. You cannot find all these skills in one person, no matter how great he/she is at marketing a business. You need these people to collaborate and butt heads. They say two heads are better than one. That is absolutely true when it comes to marketing a business.