You might have noticed that in many of the websites that you visit, there are several surveys that you can choose to answer in relation to your browsing experience and customer satisfaction. Do you think web designers are incorporating surveys on the Orlando web design? Why has it become so critical in the past decade for web managers to understand what needs to be delivered to their customers?

The Customers’ Pulse

Web managers and business owners want to find out what their customers want from their online stores. That is why they want you to fill up a survey that suddenly pops up on your screen. It makes sense for them to ask customers for a survey since you’re already there and are already interested in what they are offering.

As a web designer, you must make sure to please the survey form smartly and without annoying the customers. Remember that most customers do not want a survey form popping on their screens. They will immediately exit the page or close the window.

There is a strategy on when the survey forms must appear on your screens. Generally, the rule is to have this form appear at least 30 seconds after a web visitor opens your homepage. That will allow the web visitor to browse through your homepage and make a decision whether he or she is interested or not in what you have to offer.

The Customers’ Satisfaction

What else would an online story be if it cannot satisfy its customers with its design and layout and ease of navigation? But the web design is not really the point of the survey. The survey hopes to find out whether or not the customers were satisfied with the products that you have lined up for them.

Not many customers will automatically leave a good review or recommendation on your website even if they were satisfied with the product and services that you sold to them. However, by asking them to answer a survey before they exit your website, you are getting the response you need from someone that just browsed your website. It’s an immediate reaction and perception of your brand.

Where is the best place to put your survey form? That is a question that is best answered by your digital marketing specialist. However, for the purpose of this article, we would say that the best place would be in the middle of the browsing session or before a web visitor exits the page.

Your Orlando web design will best benefit from survey forms that are answered when the web visitor already had ample time to browse your website. The 30-second rule doesn’t really work because that’s not enough time for a web visitor to find what he/she is searching for on your site.