When you’re setting up your business, one of the very first pieces that may be offered to you is to get a custom web design built for your business. After all, in the digital age, having a website and an online presence is no longer an option, it’s become a requirement. However, a lot of business owners hesitate at the idea of having an entire website built from scratch, as opposed to having a templated website done instead. You need the money for other things, after all. However, while this does make sense, you have to understand why a custom web design should be seen more as an investment rather than an extra expense.

Better customizability

The biggest selling point for having a web design built from scratch is the full customizability that it can offer you and your business. A business website reflects the company, and if there is an inconsistency in how customers view your business as opposed to what your website looks like, it might cause some confusion in your customers. Having full customization over your web design gives you the reflect exactly on what is expected of your business.

You can guarantee responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness and a responsive web design, in general, is a must now when it comes to your web design. More than half of online users are on mobile, and it’s very important that your website is capable of catering to this specific demographic, otherwise, you risk losing out on a very large audience. A responsive web design is also more likely to be ranked higher on search engine results pages, which is great for SEO. it is much easier to achieve a responsive web design with a custom web design as opposed to a templated one.

It allows you to adapt quickly

It is no secret that web design trends are constantly shifting and changing to meet the expectations of online users. With a custom website, it’s easy enough to make those changes in a few hours or days, but with a templated design, you may find that it is a little trickier to pull off because of certain limitations that you will encounter on a web design created from a template. If your web design looks outdated, you actually risk losing users and customers from that. Users are more likely to trust a website with their information if it looks up-to-date as opposed to a website with an older looking design.