When you’re choosing a firm to provide you with Lakeland marketing services, you might be overlooking, as many companies are, the importance of data collection. Yes, that’s correct. More than the reputation and the experience and the recommendations from friends, you need to know if a marketing firm is collecting data as much as they can because this same data will teach them what strategies they have employed in the past worked and what didn’t.

For a marketing agency, the data they collect from their past and present clients is their proof. This is their evidence that their strategies and techniques worked for their clients. They need to highlight these results in their portfolio to let potential clients see that they have been successful in what they do in the past. This allows these “future” clients to trust the kind of marketing services they can deliver and ultimately, sign that contract with them.

What kind of data should you be looking into when you’re trying to find a Lakeland marketing services company to handle your business? Specifically, you should be asking for data relating to a client’s boosted web traffic. The minimum acceptable increase in web traffic is about 30%. That’s what you need to be looking for when checking out a possible marketing firm for your own business. Look into the data that their past clients can provide you (only if they are willing, of course) and see to it that there is an increase in website traffic, engagement, and profit. These are the metrics that you need to be looking into when choosing a marketing team.

How about the landing page design? This matters, too. If you’re going to create content for your blog (which you should), your landing page will matter because this is where you are going to lead your customers through links scattered all over your content. When potential and intrigued customers click a link on your blog post, they should be led to a landing page that is well-designed and packed with information about products and services that the client offers.

But looking into the data collected by Lakeland marketing services firms and choosing the ones with the best data means you need to pay more. They are, after all, backed up by good data and have proven themselves in this industry through their past clients’ experiences. Evidently, they can charge more than the other firms with fewer data to show you. In the long run, though, paying a higher upfront fee will be beneficial for your business’ overall marketing strategy.