When you’re setting up your business, one of the very first pieces that may be offered to you is to get a custom Lakeland web design done for your business. This is because, in the current digital age, having an online presence is no longer an option, it’s now a requirement.

However, plenty of new businesses tend to hesitate at the idea of having an entire website built from scratch, as opposed to having a templated website design done instead. After all, the cost for design can go to other aspects of your business that need your attention. You have to understand why a custom Lakeland web design should be seen more as an investment as opposed to an expense.


Mobile responsiveness is a requirement when it comes to your web design. It’s a known fact that more than half of online users are on mobile, so your website should be capable of accommodating these users.

Responsive web design is more likely to be ranked higher on search engines, which is great for your site’s SEO. It is a lot easier to guarantee a responsive web design when you start out with a custom design as opposed to a template design.

It’s easier for you to make changes immediately

Web design trends are always on the move, shifting and changing to meet the expectations of online users. With custom site design, it’s very easy to make any necessary changes in a few hours, but with a templated design, there are limitations that you will encounter on a template web design which will make it difficult to make those same changes

If your Lakeland web design looks old, you face the risk of losing users and customers because of this. Users are more likely to trust a website with personal information if it is updated as opposed to an older looking website.

Better customizability

The biggest factor in favor of having a Lakeland web design built from scratch is the full customizability that it can offer you and your business. Because of the fact that your site is supposed to reflect your business’ online presence, which allows customers to visit your business both online and offline.

Having the ability of full customization over your site’s design gives you the opportunity to design your site to reflect exactly on what is expected of your business which provides your business with the consistency that customers look for in the businesses that they patronize.