You’ve done your research. You know how important Lakeland web design is when it comes to your business website. You know that the right web design has the potential of bringing in more visitors and improving your site’s metrics. And yet, you don’t know exactly who to call. Should you get a web designer or a web developer? Should you go with a freelancer or a web design company? Can a designer and developer work through an existing website or is it much better to scrap everything and start from scratch?

Upon realizing that you need a Lakeland web design, there’s one direction for you to take: hire a professional. It doesn’t matter how many pre-designed templates become available for free download. It doesn’t matter if these templates are customizable. It is imperative that your website is unique and can stand on its own.

Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for, well, the overall aesthetic design of your website. The designer will piece together the theme, colors, font styles, and other elements that will complete the look of your website. They are going to decide which color scheme works best for your company and what kind of font style will be readable for your target audience. When you look at your website after it has been built, what you will see is a creation by the web designers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that designers are the backbone of your website’s existence. This leads to the next point, which is the role of web developers.

Web Developers and Programmers

These are the ones who create the website out of the design created by web designers. They translate the designs into a programmable language. They’re the ones who code the entire website out of nothing. They learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and many other acronyms that confuse mortals like us. Imagine a blank canvas. How do you put color on that? The designer will decide which color best fits your business and what it stands for, but it is the developer who will bring all that to life.

The one mistake that businessmen make is thinking that they can scrimp on their Lakeland web design. Don’t do it. It doesn’t only cheapen your website, but your whole company as well. It sends the wrong message to your audience. It tells them that you don’t care about how comfortable they are with navigating your site. It tells them not to care about your business because you don’t care about making things convenient for them, too. Calling a professional designer and developer is a long-term investment.