Lakeland web designLakeland web design companies have always been a strong advocate of white space. Clients, on the other hand, never understood why this is important. They want to fill the white space, thinking it’s a waste of screen real estate. After all, they are paying for every byte and every inch of that website space, so they think that an inch wasted is a big chunk of their investment.White space is one of the most valuable elements of your design. White space is the space between elements in a composition. It’s the space between characters, between lines, between columns and rows, between graphics, margins, and gutters. It’s a visual breathing room for the eye.

Just when you think that the site is too heavy on the eye in terms of graphics and illustrations, the white space will be your virtual brown paper bag. Breathe in and breathe out. If used correctly, white space can transform a previously heavy and cluttered website and provide many benefits to the website owner.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to delete and remove the content of your website. If you want the graphic, illustrations, charts, pies, photos, and many others to remain on your site, you can do that still. What will change is the composition of these content. The designer needs to space them correctly and categorize them into different web pages.

A white space will deliver the layout needed to create a website that will be easy on the eyes of the web visitors. Remember, that the primary goal of a website is to deliver as many visitors as possible.

Once visitors are on your site, you need to make them stay. That will only be possible because of the content of your website. It will be easier for visitors to understand the content of the website when the blogs and photos are well-spaced. The white space actually helps people better understand what they are reading. This adds up to the overall user experience.

When there is no white space in the website, it is more likely that there are a lot of distractions there. Since visitors are always in a hurry, any distractions will slow them down. Having the right white space on your website will increase the comprehension of the visitors by at least 20%.

Finally, white space creates balance. Without it, your Lakeland web design may lead to confusion, disorganization and unreliability. These are the same qualities you definitely don’t want associated with your brand.