Lakeland web designWhite space, white space… there used to be a time when Lakeland web design competes for the quantity of graphics, animations, colors, font styles, etc. It seems to us that back then, the more technologically savvy the web designers are, the messier but the more successful their websites are. That’s far from the truth nowadays. The competition these days depend on how “clean” and pristine your website design is.

When we say white space, it doesn’t necessarily mean we leave a huge chunk of white space unused, although many web designers go as far as that. Instead of having the need to fill in every space available on the site, designers have to leave some of it unused so that the most important content can stand out.

Time and time again, white space has proven to increase readability of the site’s content, as well as boost the sales of that website’s business/company. White space makes the web design elegant and classy. Instead of looking like the website has come straight out of a punk magazine, white space gives an idea conciseness. The use of this space between graphics, margins, gutters, columns, rows, and figures makes the website easy to the eyes of the visitors.

Have you ever visited a website that is so packed with information and was lacking white space? How did you feel about it? Did you find what you were looking for? Was the website able to sell you its products/services? Even our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) use white space to their advantage. That is why we notice the ads on the sides of our Facebook news feeds. It’s not because they are there, they are specifically located on that side of the page because that’s where the white space is being used to the site’s advantage. The photos and the texts that appear on the sides of the news feeds will magically get our attention.

This is the same principle that designers must try to apply on company sites. The use of white space will definitely improve the look of one’s Lakeland web design. Instead of visitors having to navigate through a series of widgets and useless information, they can easily hone in on the concept being presented to them because it will catch their attention. The proper use of white space can do that. Any self-respecting web designer should know the value of this.