The Lakeland marketing services that you choose can either bring your business to skyrocketing success or force it to close. That’s how dangerous it is to choose the right strategy for your brand. One wrong move can put your business to oblivion. Marketing and promoting a business isn’t exactly cheap. There is so much more to it than posting on social media and engaging with customers. People don’t realize that marketing strategies take time to craft and build.

So, what is the right Lakeland marketing services for your business? You have loads to choose from, but here are the most essential ones:

Email Marketing

To those saying that email marketing is dead, maybe they should check the statistics one more time. Here are the numbers: 92% of internet users have at least one email account. This 2020, the number of email users is expected to hit the three billion thresholds. Imagine having access to 925 of three billion email users. Most of these also prefer to be contacted by companies through email.

Around 83% of B2B companies are still using email marketing to reach their target audience. Whoever said email is dead is clearly not using it effectively. Email will continue to be relevant in the years to come, there’s no denying it.

Content Marketing

When they said content is king, they are not joking around. Now more than ever, your audience is focused on producing vital, relevant, and interesting content for billions of internet users around the world. You don’t need to focus on any given niche. All you need is to produce content related to your products and services. That will get your customers engaged.

Traditional Marketing

Like email marketing, traditional marketing can never die. The tri-media—television, radio, and print—will most likely be relevant for the years to come. The landscape has changed but so do them. Now, instead of static billboards, you’ll see digital billboards across your city’s skyline. There are innovative ways that TV has also penetrated the internet. Print is also changing, making digital editions for their online customers. The changes will continue but traditional marketing looks ready to adapt.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, there is no place like social media to market a business. Not only do billions of people are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but they are also your target audience. At least, most of them are. You are missing out on a lot of opportunities by not being on social media. Make sure that you are present on at least two major social media platforms.