Back in March, no one knew how the coronavirus would impact people and industries. All we knew back then was there was a virus spreading by air droplets and that we should stay as far away from each other as possible. Over the next months, we finally understood how deep the impact of the pandemic is to our industries. As businesses begin to shut down, entrepreneurs retreated to their Orlando web design to find something that will jolt life back to their businesses.

But while people are all-too ready to transition to digital transactions and online shopping, the businesses are not. They are barely perfecting e-commerce and then, somehow, they’re right smack in the middle of a life-changing event. Of course, the impact isn’t only on the business owners. The customers feel that, too. This is why the owners must address the pandemic and how it is affecting their industries.

For the customers to empathize with what your own business is going through, you have to be honest with them about it. A well-written message visibly seen on your homepage is the best way to address the pandemic. Explaining to your customers how the pandemic is affecting your process and deliveries will make them more understandable of the factors that are beyond your control.

If the courier service did not bring the parcel on time, that should be expected. Your customers shouldn’t feel the need to complain about it. But that is if you post a message on your website. Otherwise, you do not have an excuse for the delay in production and sometimes, even shipment.

Where to Put the Message?

The best location for your pandemic message is the homepage. On top of the message, put a banner with a short message about the pandemic. Aside from empathizing with your customers and those who are suffering because of the pandemic, you should explain how your business is coping. Do you only have a skeleton force? Are you fully operating?

Upon landing on the homepage, the customers can learn what to expect. Are the products now made-to-order? Are there going to be delays in the shipment? This is the kind of information that will help them decide to buy or not.

Other websites prefer to put their pandemic message on the checkout page of the Orlando web design. Prefer not to do this because it may look deceitful to some of your customers. They won’t appreciate being told that their shipment will come in later than usual because of the pandemic right when they’re about to check them out.