Website design has a lot of components and a lot of ways to earn from it, too. If you are looking to add something to your portfolio and you want to earn more than what you’re receiving from your eight-to-five job, web design might be the best venture for you. Today, businesses, celebrities, personalities, and even charity organizations need a website to market their products, services, ideologies, and well, themselves.

The demand for web designers is ever increasing but the problem is that this industry is seemingly monopolized by the chosen few, those who are lucky enough to be skilled in this regard or to invest early that they have pioneered web designing elements. If you’re looking for a side job or a change of career, this might be the best course for you to take.


Of course, where else could you learn the best of the best but in schools? If you want a full academic learning about web designing, then going to a local college might be your best bet. Remember, you can always apply for a scholarship so you can get that coveted bachelor’s degree. But you must also take into account that going back to school will require a lot of time, resources, money, and energy from you. If you want to learn the faster way, there are other options out there.


You can self-teach and simply read books on web designing. There are a lot of publications that you can buy from a bookstore, borrow from friends, or rent from the local library. Invest in books because a lot of thought has been put into these publications so you will never go wrong with them.

Online tutorials

Fortunately, there are a lot of web designers who are generous with their knowledge regarding web designing. They want you to learn, too. They don’t horde the information. Rather, they want to share this information with you. In turn, all you have to do is subscribe to their YouTube channel. What does it do for them? Well, you’re making their channels popular and in turn, that can lead advertisers to come knocking on their doors.

Online forums and blogs

If you want the easiest (though not exactly the most accurate) way to learn about web designing, you can check out the various online forums and blogs written about designing websites. The information you find here, however, should be verified so it’s basically like doing a research. Some of the people you will meet in online forums are professional web designers though there are amateur designers, too. You can learn a lot from these people, especially the ones who are practicing the profession.