More than half of eCommerce websites fail because big brands like Amazon and eBay are more competitive with their prices and they are more trustworthy, too. So, what could be your clincher? Why would prospective customers want to buy from your website rather than from Amazon, Target, and other big-brand companies? You can use to your advantage your Lakeland website design. If you have an easy-to-navigate eCommerce website that is secured and does not crash with too much activity, you may have a good shot at taking a slice of the target market.

Complicated payment scheme

Never ever make the checkout scheme so complicated that people would automatically exit the browser out of frustration. While it’s normal for you to ask them to sign up (so you can send them newsletters in the future), you can make this hassle-free by allowing customers to use their Google or Facebook accounts. You also need to incorporate that “scan card” feature that will allow users to simply point their smartphone’s camera to the card and it will automatically fill up the details of the credit card.

Ads popping every webpage opened

If every page the customers open will result in another browser opening on their screens because of the ads you are earning revenues from, you may lose them in the end. There’s probably nothing more annoying than ads popping up again and again and web visitors having to exit the ad browser and go back to where he came from. Trust us, you will lose customers this way.

Blurry images

If you are selling clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, or any other products for that matter, make sure that no photos are blurry or grainy. Use a high-quality camera when taking photos of the products. This will ensure that your customers get to see the products in all their glory. It is easier for them to decide whether to purchase your products or not when they can see every detail of them.

Ignoring mobile users

People are accessing the internet on their mobile phones. They are paying their bills using their iPhones. So yes, they are also doing their shopping through their smartphones. Make sure that your eCommerce website has a responsive Lakeland website design and will appear normal on a smartphone’s screen. Otherwise, say goodbye to around maybe 80 percent of your prospective customers. No one likes dealing with websites that are so outdated they are not even optimized for smartphones.