There are two words you need to think about when it comes to Lakeland web design and online stores: user experience. The term refers to how quickly and easily web users finding the information they need on your website. Think of it this way: the easier your customers can find the information they need about the products and services that you offer, the more likely they are going to buy from your website. So, your number one priority when designing a website is to make the experience better and the design more cohesive. The key to a successful online store understanding how your customers feel while they are browsing your website.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is your representation whether your customers are online or offline. There should be a cohesive design on your website that will point to the message that you are trying to send to your audience. Every time they see your logo, for example, they should think about your company and the products and services that you offer. This is how they should think about whether they see your logo online or offline. Your reputation should precede you. Even before your customers land on your website, they should already have an inkling of who you are as a company.

First Impression

Do you know that the overall look and feel of your website contribute to 94% of the customers’ first impressions? Poor interface and lack of user-friendliness can result in the mistrust of shoppers. If they are not impressed with your site’s Orlando web design at first glance, there’s a good chance they’re going to exit your page and head to another eCommerce store.

Implementing the right design for your site will show customers how serious you are. Present your site in the best imaginable way so your customers will have an easy time navigating it and finding the products they want.

Bounce Rate

This is why first impressions are vital. If the customers don’t find your website impressive when they land on the homepage, they will close the page and go to another site. That will increase your site’s bounce rate. What contributes to the customers’ bad first impressions? Aside from the web design, the business name, products, business type, location, and brand quality affect the first impression.

All of these should contribute to increasing your site’s conversion rates. When customers are happy navigating your site, they will more likely want to spend on the products and services you offer.