Lakeland internet marketing trends will change this decade. It will heavily rely on virtual personal assistants and the rise of mobile phones will continue. Although both of these have been apparent in the past couple of years, they will revolutionize and change the industry in the years to come. No matter what industry you are in, it’s important to remember that marketing trends are evolving and with them comes the challenge of keeping up with what the market demands.

Generation Z

This decade, we’ll see retailers and professionals focusing more on Generation Z. No longer will millennials be the most powerful generation. This is the time for this new generation to take the cudgels of consumerism. They will be the target market. Two years from now, Generation Z will make up 40% of the consumers. This generation is largely focused on education, careers, and savings. They are more realistic than millennials.

Remember that this generation has never known a world without mobile phones or the internet. They know how to search for what they want, so you need to keep them engaged and interested. If you are not on the internet or using mobile functionalities, you are going to lose in this market.


You need to make your content viral-worthy. How can this happen? What’s a viral-worthy content? Your content needs to be relatable and witty. That’s what’s going to push people to share your content with their network. Do you know that among Google apps, YouTube has more searches compared to Google? The difference is two million searches.

In 2019, videos accounted for 80% internet browsing time. The majority of this is on mobile phones. So again, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are going to lose a lot of potential consumers.

You also need to remember that consumers watch and comment more on live videos than pre-recorded ones. This is the reason why you’ll see plenty of online businesses doing live videos of showcasing their goods. People tune in to these kinds of content more.

Online Shopping

You have to be out there selling your wares. Generation Z was born at a time when mobile shopping is the norm. They didn’t transition to it. This is nothing new to them. It’s not a trend. If you don’t have an online shop, you are likely to lose to those who do have one. Make sure that this development is included in your Lakeland internet marketing plan for 2020 and the years ahead.