Web analytics is probably the most useful tool for marketing and Lakeland website design agencies. The tool tells you which areas of your web design need a boost and which are performing to the levels that you want. However, it’s not that easy. You need to constantly monitor and analyze the figures this churns out so you can optimize your web design according to how your audience responds.

Every time a web visitor arrives on your web page, the server records this transaction. It records every move that visitor makes on your website. Did the web visitor leave after three seconds? Did the visitor browse away from your homepage? What were the activities that he engaged in while browsing your website? Did he make a purchase?

Bounce Rates and Exit Rates

How do you know you have grabbed your visitors’ attention? It’s by looking at the bounce and exit rates. The bounce rate refers to how many people left your website without opening another page. If the visitors left the homepage without clicking on any other link, that might signal problems on the homepage.

The exit rate determines the number of people left the website through a particular page. Your homepage may be doing the work of attracting your visitors, but if they leave as soon as they see the product pages, there might be something wrong with the internal pages.


Where did the web visitors come from? Where did they see the link to your web page? This will allow you to understand how a particular visitor was persuaded to convert. Did that visitor come from the Instagram page of an influencer you hired to endorse your product? Was the visit from a pay-per-click ad? The referrer is any website that sends you traffic. You must build meaningful connections with other websites, social media pages, and blog pages.

Call-to-action Links

You put CTA buttons all over the internet to lead people to your website. Are they clicking on the CTAs on your very own Lakeland website design? You can use a heat map report to determine what users do on your site and where they are clicking. This will tell you where to put those CTA buttons for a better response from your audience.

Conversion Rates

You have gotten your web visitors to visit your product pages. They put some items in the cart and will soon proceed to check them out. If you have gotten them this far, then congratulations. Your ultimate goal, however, is to make them check out items and not put those items in the cart. If your checkout process is anything but fast and easy, your web visitors will likely abandon their carts.