Do you know that even the Tampa web design has a role to play during this time of pandemic? Web visitors want to see a website that aside from addressing the current state of the world, will also help in making people feel a lot better. So, how can a web design balance these two things—be aware while also trying to show camaraderie to the customers?

Using Colors

The colors of your website will play a very important role in how customers will see its impact on their lives today. Although it is necessary to stick to your brand, you can incorporate some of the colors that are calming and reassuring. What are these colors? Neutral and earth-toned colors speak well to the emotions of the people right now.

You can incorporate the colors blue and green into your Tampa web design. Try to stay out of colors like red because it shows aggressiveness and sometimes, creates a sense of danger. Earth-toned colors such as brown, beige, and rust are also acceptable. White is almost always the perfect non-color to reassure clients while bright colors like yellow and orange are happy colors.


It can be tempting to ignore the pandemic. Why couldn’t your business go on as usual, right? But ignoring what’s happening in the world doesn’t sit well with your customers, too. They don’t want to be inundated with messages about the pandemic every single time they visit your site, but they also don’t want the businesses they support to ignore it.

A simple message of encouragement will help comfort your customers. Your message should appear hopeful and not depressing. Make sure to use the proper words when addressing the issue of the pandemic. And most of all, don’t be political.

Advice on Impact on Business

People are also concerned about how the pandemic might affect their orders. If the shipment of these orders will be delayed, make sure that they know about it. Acknowledge the delay through your Tampa web design. Make sure there’s a message there that talks about the impact of the pandemic on your production process. It is bad enough that a lot of people have to suffer because of the pandemic. What’s worse is if businesses refuse to admit there will be delays in production and shipments.

You can maximize the role of your Tampa web design by thinking about where your customers are coming from. While everybody is dealing with the pandemic on their own terms, one thing is for sure: everyone wants to be reassured that things will eventually look up.