You have made the big leap. You hired a Lakeland marketing agency to help you with your business. What should you expect the agency to do? How are you going to prepare your business for the changes that are about to come?

Auditing of Your Current Business’ Marketing Strategies

The first thing that a marketing company will do is to take stock of your current marketing strategies. What are you doing? Is it effective? Did it fail? If it does, what are the reasons why it doesn’t attract your audience? They need to know where you are in terms of marketing your business. Are people in the local community aware of your business? More importantly, is your target audience aware of your brand and what your business offers?

Identifying Your Target Audience

They will then identify the right target audience. You might be targeting the wrong demographics and that’s why your marketing techniques haven’t been truly effective. The Lakeland marketing agency will create buyer personas that will help define who your audience is, what they do, how much they earn, and what they want.

This step is critical for every marketing team. This will define what strategies they need to implement to reach your market. This will also help them in identifying the correct channels and platforms to use for your marketing strategies.

Choosing Channels and Platforms

An integral part of the marketing process is selecting the social media channel and media platforms that are right for your business. Where will you best reach your audience? Is it through traditional media? Do they spend most of their time on Facebook or Instagram?

Though most businesses have a presence on all social media platforms and media outlets, you will need to streamline your strategies and resources. It’s okay to be present on all platforms. What’s not okay is to spend so much on all platforms, thinking that they will arrive at the same results. That’s not the usual case. Some businesses are better off using Instagram. Some are great with Facebook. Others need to utilize email marketing. Some businesses still thrive in marketing the traditional way—cold calls.

Your employees need to collaborate with the Lakeland marketing agency. They need to be transparent about the situation in the company—from the sales to the advertising budget to the website design to the conversion and bounce rates. The company needs to know what challenges they are facing in marketing your business.