In a world where everything can be personalized according to our preferences when we go online, from our online avatars, our chose site language, and at times, even the website design, emotional design is becoming something that more site designers are applying to their designs. The concept of a more personalized experience is becoming more sought after.

And because of this, the usage of emotional website design is becoming a very popular trend on website designs. Emotional website design is often used to elicit a positive emotion from users, based on what your website is trying to convey to them. It makes for a great user experience, and it provides users with a more memorable experience.

This helps with customer loyalty and is great for repeat business. The whole concept of emotional website design revolves around triggering an emotional response from users through different types of UX. They range from using visuals like colors to trigger these emotions, to animated interactions and personalized design.

However, what are you supposed to avoid when using emotional web design in your website? Here are some things to avoid when applying emotional web design principles.

Don’t take it too far

Remember that like all other aspects of web design, you have to apply a light hand. The same rule applies to emotional web design principles. You use emotional website design as a way to spark emotion from your users, not to use it as a venting board for your own issues. You need to maintain a sense of balance when you use these principles on your web design, as going overboard can cause distress in your users, and even confusion.

Do not compromise functional UI

While emotional web design is great, you shouldn’t let it get in the way of functional UI. Remember, no matter how good your website design looks, if its functionality and navigation is difficult to work with, users are not going to stay on your site long. Don’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetic. Your users’ experience should be your first priority, and everything else comes afterwards.

Make sure that your design is regularly updated

Remember to keep yourself updated on the emotional website design trends, and to keep your website regularly updated with these as well. What might be working great for your website now might not work as well tomorrow. If you don’t keep your web design regularly updated, then you risk having your website look outdated, and might turn users off on your website.