What are the best practices in Orlando web design? People assume that when something sounds good, it is the best choice for their businesses. This isn’t always the case. What worked for one company will not always work for your business. What sounded good to you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be successful once implemented.

Here are the classic cases of when something sounds good but did not work for your business:

Visuals Without Strategy

Make no mistake about it. Visuals are very important. In fact, 48% of people said that visuals are the number-one deciding factor for them when they decide on the credibility of the business. But thinking about the font size, font color, and imagery will not cut it anymore. The best websites are functional. Every element of the site should have a clear goal. Using visuals without strategy is a waste of time.

Focus on Desktop

This is the biggest mistake any website can make. A website should be responsive to both desktop computers and mobile devices. Roughly half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. This is an absolute must for all websites.

Dependence on Homepage

Funny enough, web visitors are focused on visiting other pages aside from the homepage. In fact, less than 47% of people seek to see the homepage of an Orlando web design first before the more important pages such as the product and service lineup. When people visit your website, they already have a predetermined understanding of what you do. You shouldn’t focus too much on the homepage to give you the same information that the customers already found out.

Placing Call to Action Above the Fold

Some website owners believe that putting the call-to-action button above the fold is a strategic approach to generate lead and increase sales. However, people tend to scroll down the page to read about what the website contains. Once they reached the bottom of the page, they’ll forget about what they need to do when there is no CTA button there. The obvious thing for them to do is to close the browser. You have then lost the opportunity to sell to them.

Cluttering Forms With Fields

What are the most important things you have to learn about a customer when he/she is setting up an appointment? Ask for their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. These are the things that will help you understand your clientele better. Many businesses thought it is helpful to ask for information that will help in strategizing a marketing campaign. It’s actually a bad business practice to ask for too much information that you don’t know how to deal with anyway.