A school’s website should do two things for its target audience: inform new students and parents about the school’s curriculum, student body, and tuition rates, and inform the current students and their parents about news, activities, school year fees, and grades. If your Orlando web design cannot do these two things, you risk losing to your competition. Also, which parents would want to send their children to an organization that can’t even keep up with website trends?

Easy Navigation

Don’t forget that parents will be the first ones to check out your website. As soon as they gave birth, parents are going to look at the various schools in the area to find a suitable one for their children in the future. You must first impress them. But to do that, they must find the information they need on your website.

Easy navigation will help you with that. Make sure that the Orlando web design has a clean site structure and responsive design. The parents must be able to check the website from their smartphones and other mobile devices. They should be able to do it while they are on a commute to work or during their lunch breaks.

Quality Photos and Videos

Don’t use stock photos for your website. Rather, ask the current student body if a photographer can snap photos of them, so you can use it on the website. Of course, make sure the students’ parents know about this, too. Some of them may not be comfortable having their kids’ faces plastered on a public website. The photos should be welcoming. They should show the students having fun and learning.

Facilities and Amenities

What does it matter if your school has a pool, track and field, chemistry lab, music room, theater, and many more if no one can find out about them? Highlight the features, facilities, and amenities of the school on your website. Parents will be impressed by the investment you make in the institution. They will make a more informed decision about whether to send their kids to your school or not.

About Us Page

Parents would want to know about the history of the school—when it was founded, who founded it, what it’s mission and vision are, and the goals of the campus in the future. Make sure that this information is easily accessible from the homepage. A lot of parents will choose your school based on the information that you provide on the About Us page.