Shopping cart abandonment is increasing globally. According to statistics, about 69% of shopping carts are being abandoned and only 45% of cart abandonment emails are being opened. Of the 45% emails opened, 21% of the links are being clicked on while 50% of those who opened the links will make a purchase. These are important numbers when considering the design elements to include in your Orlando web design. Remember that your website must attract customers to buy products/services. It should be designed in such a way that it will persuade customers to click on the “buy” button.

How should you manage your cart abandonment rate? If you are noticing that a huge number of your visitors are abandoning their carts, what seems to be the problem? How can you re-engage these customers to visit your site again and make a purchase?

Collect Email Addresses

You need to have the email addresses of your customers. You need to be able to reach out to them when they abandon their carts. This way, you can offer them the items they want to purchase in the first place. It is easier to re-attract these customers to visit your site. After all, they are almost ready to make a purchase. Something just stopped them. What is it? Though it is difficult to decipher what stopped customers from purchasing an item, it is easy to reignite their interest in your products/services through a targeted email campaign.

Do Exit Surveys

Ask your customers to fill up surveys before they exit your page. It could be only a couple of questions but they would help you understand them better. What are they looking for? What are they expecting? What are the things they think your website should have? If you noticed that none of your visitors are answering the survey, offer a coupon code in exchange for them finishing the survey. You can use the results of the survey in creating marketing campaigns and strategies.

Offer Free Shipping and Discounts

Finally, the reason why most people abandon their carts is because of high shipping rates. Don’t let shipping rates affect your sales. Find a cheaper courier. Offer free shipping for a minimum amount of purchase. Give free shipping coupons to your most loyal customers. Your Orlando web design should prominently display these coupon codes and free shipping offers. When your web visitors see these offers on your homepage, they will be more interested in purchasing items from your eCommerce store.