Lakeland web designAlthough visual design is very important when it comes to Lakeland web design, it is primarily the usability and the utility of the website that makes it effective. Since the users basically have the power to click and not click on the elements on a website, it has become vital to make everything user-centric. This means that if something is not useful for a visitor of the site, there’s no use for it to be on the site.Instead of discussing the elements that need to be included on the site, we’ll look into the main principles that make a web design effective and successful for a business. It’s really up to the business owner and the web designer to decide on the elements they want and where to put them on the site. But, if they follow these principles, there’s a good chance that through the simplification of the process, they will have a very useful and functional website.

Quality and credibility

What visitors hate most about any website is the number of advertisements that pop on their screen. However, if your website has high-quality content, they will be willing to compromise and sit through the advertisements. This is the reason why poorly designed websites with high-quality content get more traffic than those well-designed sites that pay little attention to content. No matter how good your web design is, the content is the reason why visitors are checking out your site.

Users scan, then read

Instead of reading through the content and checking out each navigation button, visitors usually search for some fixed points and anchors that would guide them throughout the content of the page. There are “hot” areas on a web page, which usually falls on the middle of the page and the left part of a page. This is the reason why navigation buttons always fall on the left side and advertisements are on the right side.

Visitors are impatient

You don’t want to make visitors think about how they’ll go to a specific web page in your site. You want them to know instinctively where to go and how to get there. Complicated navigation buttons would usually mean you’re probably losing visitors. No one wants to get stressed out just by checking a website. When a visitor couldn’t get where they need to go, they would usually close that site and go to another one. This is a failure for both the web owner and the Lakeland web design company.