The evolution of the Lakeland web design industry is a fascinating one to observe. Over the years, as online technology progressed and the internet has become more widely available to customers, the web design industry has seen some very interesting changes. Back when the internet was a fairly new concept, websites were designed to be as visually striking as possible.

From moving backgrounds, flashy mouse pointers, animated banners, and musical background, websites were designed without much planning other than how to make it as visually interesting as possible. Nowadays, websites are more focused on the user experience and how a user navigates your website. Here is a guide on what makes for good user experience in your Lakeland web design.

Seamless navigation

One of the basic foundations of good user experience on any website is seamless navigation. The main part of any user’s experience in your website is how they navigate through your website. It’s important to make the navigation on your website as seamless as possible for the user. If the user wants to do something, it should take as few steps as possible to get there from the home page.

When putting together your website, you should be making use of anticipatory design, which is a design concept that recognizes a user’s need as soon as possible and accommodates it. Make sure that certain elements are in places where users can readily anticipate it.

Clear content and layout

It is well-known that when it comes to your online marketing strategy, content is one of the most important tools that you can use. Good quality content can get you far in your digital marketing. However, what good will quality content do for you if your users find it difficult to read your content?

When you place content on your Lakeland web design, make sure to apply proper layout rules to make it easier for users to read and absorb your website’s content. Make use of whitespace and use the right font, size, and color that best uses your overall design to the advantage of your content.


Another factor that makes for good user experience in your Lakeland web design is the application of personalization in your website’s design. Even something as simple as letting the user change the language or theme of your website can go a long way in improving how your users perceive your website and enhance their user experience on your site.