The world will look very different for everyone after the coronavirus pandemic. Every new decade, Lakeland web design changes—from color choices to font styles to design elements to minimalism. But 2020 is proving to not just be another decade. It’s going to change more than just how we socialize with each other. This year is as much of a challenge to web design as it is to society in general.

What coincidence it is that the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue. Now more than ever, we need to surround ourselves with colors that signify empathy, reason, and calmness. We need to be reassured by the elements that surround us both in our real and virtual lives. While we proceed with hope and caution toward the point of moving on from the pandemic, the way websites are designed must also reflect these reassuring emotions that grip web users.

Web designers should expect that there will be varying degrees of hopelessness, trauma, depression, and anxiety that people will feel about the new normal. This will affect the way they get impacted by the things they see in real life and on the internet. Web designers need to be cognizant of the fact that society will change during and after this pandemic. Varying degrees of post-traumatic stress will affect the design elements on a website. These will need to be adjusted to accommodate a changing society.

According to Pantone, Classic Blue is a reassuring and calming presence. It instills calmness, confidence, and connection. There is no other color that’s as comforting as Classic Blue, which highlights the people’s need for a dependable and stable foundation as we usher in a new era into our lives. Your Lakeland web design should work around this color.

Although you can experiment with other hues and shades of this color, the concept of calmness and reassurance is essential. The post-pandemic world should be centered around reassuring audiences. Web experiences should be very sensitive to what people have experienced during the pandemic.

The bar will be high moving forward. While stuck at home, web users navigated and browsed through many websites—ranging from well-designed to not-to-well-designed. Some impressed them while others frustrated them. Your Lakeland web design after the coronavirus should only work to impress your web users. They will have demands because websites were their only connection to the outside world while quarantined and trying to stay home as much as possible.