Finally, you have decided to start your blog to promote your business. Or, maybe you are a social media influencer who is just starting her website. Whatever your reason is, you need to find a Tampa web design that will suit the niche of your blog or website. So, what are the considerations you need to make when trying to find the perfect look for your website?

Girly and Chic

If you will talk about cosmetics, skincare routine, and many other stuff like fashion and even how to edit Instagram photos, you will need a girly and chic website. Most of the time, bloggers and web designers use the combination colors of pink and white because these are the colors that are mostly associated with women and girly stuff.

However, you should remember that you can still advocate for feminism and women empowerment. Empowered women wear pink, too, you know? Just because they want to be taken seriously in the manly corporate industry does not mean that they cannot work in girly colors.

Modern and Techy

If you are going to talk about gadgets, software, hardware, laptops, and game consoles, you need to make use of modern colors and motif. For example, you can use a black and white motif for your homepage. This is a classy and elegant way of designing your website without necessarily taking away the attention from the content of your blog. You will find that most gadget website or blogs that review different hardware and devices use the combination of black, white, and red colors.

Clean and Manly

What happens if you are trying to market to men in general? Unlike women, guys are less susceptible to purchasing things online. Most guys will have to think about their purchase before clicking the add to cart or checkout button on the website. Whereas women can be easily persuaded with coupons and discounts, men are much harder to market to because they respond differently.

That’s why you need to use a Tampa web design to attract this target audience. Clean and manly design means using straight lines, white space, and the sans serif fonts. You need to make sure that the website is uncluttered and organized so they can find the information they need. Men are easily bored so you have to make navigating the site easy for them.

Whimsical and Magical

Are you blogging about travel destinations? Are you writing about your wedding preparations? Both of these topics would usually require that your blog looks whimsical and magical. There are a lot of color combinations that can be used for a site like this. Light and pastel colors will work well to depict a whimsical experience on your blog. Your listeners will be more inspired by your travel content if your website is properly designed and laid out.