Lakeland SEO will continue to be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Without search engine optimization, how are websites supposed to know that you have the relevant information that your customers are looking for? Still, not many companies understand the complexities of SEO and what’s about to come this year and the next decade.

User Intent

It is time to focus on the user and search intent. Forget about what your business or website is good at. Focus instead on what your target market is looking for, seeking, and expecting. This knowledge will bring your business to new levels especially at a time when search engines like Google are focused on becoming user-centric.

So, how does this affect businesses such as yours? Google is a place where people go to find an answer to their questions. It is as simple as that. And yet, most businesses are busy writing meta descriptions for every web page that they forget about what’s happening in the search intent. It’s not just about coming up with the right content. It’s about creating the content that your customers intend to see (web users sometimes don’t know how to look for a certain keyword, so they use questions, phrases, etc.).


In terms of content, this only means one thing. Instead of talking about your products, services, and offers, you have to answer the common problems that people encounter in their lives. Why does it take such a long time for the dryer to dry the clothes? Perhaps, you have the technology to make that easier and faster? Why not talk about that in the context of answering an age-old problem?


The answer to your question on how to make your Lakeland SEO relevant is already right in front of you. Go to Google and search for the keywords that are related to your business. Did you notice how Google came up with suggested topics? These are the topics that web users searched for before you. List these down and try to decipher the problems they are encountering. How are you going to make your product respond to these problems?

Moreover, how can your website provide the information that your customers need without looking like you are hard-selling to them? It is always a challenge not to hard-sell toy our customers but it looks like 2021 is not for hard-selling anymore. Your target market, no matter who they are, is more sophisticated and learned. Give them what they want but simply nudge them in the right direction. Pushing them has never been an effective strategy.