Your success in your Lakeland web design, no matter how greatly designed your website is, depends on the content. You need relevant, informative, and high-quality content to keep your website fresh on the eyes of your audience. You’ll want your audience to keep coming back for more. However, unless you’re a machine sprouting hundreds of ideas every day, you’ll eventually blindly look for topic ideas.

Numbered Lists

Your audience—no matter the demographics—loves lists. Everybody does. It is easy to understand and comprehend. It is easy to write, too. What you should do is take a topic and make a numbered list out of it. Make your headline attention-grabbing and try to attract your clients with the fact that you have a list that’s easy to read and skim and browse through.


People need guidance when they are trying to achieve something, whether it’s applying for a loan or choosing the right material for their carpets. People look for checklists even for the most trivial of subject matters. All you need to do is make a step-by-step guide with check-able boxes. This is an interactive way to engage your clients.


There are too many how-to articles on the internet but it is still a viable idea for a topic on your Lakeland web design. You just need to make your posts more original by including actual photos and videos. For example, you can teach an audience how to check their car batteries’ health or how to cook a simple egg omelet. When doing a how-to article, make sure your topic is as specific as possible.

Life Hacks

These articles must provide helpful tips on how to do things easier and quicker. For example, you can talk about tips and tricks on how to clean a kitchen counter with materials anyone has in their pantries. A life-hack article can be turned into a how-to article or even a listicles (a combination of lists and articles).

Buying Guides

The purpose of these kinds of articles is to help a person decide on what product to buy or service to avail of. Make sure to provide a general description of the products you’re covering but also delve into the pros and cons of each product.

Best Practices

Best practices articles need a lot of thorough research. This means you have to assure that the practices you’re listing on your article are truly the “best” in the industry. This type of content tends to be generic, but you can always divide these into different categories in your Lakeland web design to make your point on each component of the “best practice.”