What do web visitors want to see on your Tampa web design? More than the products, descriptions, and other kinds of content, they want to see other customers trusting your company. If they don’t see reviews and testimonials on your website, they won’t think your organization is valuable enough for them to support. Surveys showed that people trust reviews more than they trust marketing materials. They look for reviews before they decide to purchase something.

In fact, according to one study, more than 70% of shoppers read reviews online before purchasing. And they don’t want those curated reviews from bloggers. They want real-life testimonials from people who also purchased and used these items. Reviews are certainly more important when they haven’t heard of your company before. If they just visited your website and don’t know what you’re offering, they will most likely want to know if other people also support your company.

This is why it’s important to get your customers to make a review of the products they purchased from your shop. If they can’t find any reviews about your products, how will they know that you can be trusted? No one wants to be ripped off. Trust is a big thing when customers buy items from you. This tells other future customers that you can be trusted; that you are not a bogus seller.

What happens when there is no review? The customers will feel that your site cannot be trusted. Unless you’re a household name, people will want to look for testimonials that guarantee they are making the right choice by purchasing from your store.

And it’s not even hard to get reviews from your customers, so it’s a wonder why other businesses fail to secure one. Customers, especially today, love leaving reviews and testimonials. They know their testimonials can make a difference in other people who, like them, want to buy products or subscribe to services.

How to Fix This Problem

Get in touch with your customers, past and present. Ask them to leave reviews about the products that they purchased from your website. In exchange, you can offer discount codes and free shipping options that they can use the next time they browse your Tampa web design. They can write a review on your site or your social media page. It can either be in written or video form. Either way, your future customers will be happy to know that others like them trust your company, too.