As technology continues to evolve, marketers are looking for strategic ways to engage customers and influence their purchase decisions. Professional marketers are now focused on the digital media and what we have come to know as internet marketing. But under internet marketing, there are still so many facets that enable marketers to reach their target audience. Internet marketing chatting or viral marketing is one of the most critical methods being used today to communicate with customers.

The reason is simple enough: responding faster to potential leads is going to leave a better impression of your business. You don’t have to make customers wait for when you will have the time to answer their queries. And not only will receiving a response from you make them happy, but it will also have a big impact on their purchase decision. If they receive your response during the time they have not changed their mind about subscribing to your service or purchasing the item, you would immediately make a sale. A full 24 hours is too much time for any business owner or marketer to respond to inquiries. An hour alone can make a customer change his mind. What more can a full day do?

There are many chat marketing outlets that you can apply on your website. There are live chat boxes, forums, instant messenger services, and social networking websites. Though the most popular of these remain to be a business’ presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, chat boxes are becoming increasingly popular these days.

It used to be that customers get annoyed when they see chat boxes on websites. All they can remember about it was that they used to wait for 10 minutes for connection to a customer service representative only to get a message afterward that says: “Thanks for reaching out to us. Please call this number xxx-xxx-xxxx or visit our FAQ. Thanks!”

That’s not how it is now. In fact, live chat is one of the best tools that companies use to utilize their websites. A dedicated team of customer service representatives is waiting round the clock for any queries that might come from their potential clients. Nobody wants to send a message to a support team to get a response after 24 to 48 hours. People want instant connection. They want their inquiries responded to in mere minutes or even seconds. Your business will benefit deeply from having a dedicated chat assistant to answer all inquiries, comments, and even complaints.