There are many reasons why a Lakeland web design is loading slowly. It could be network problems, slow web hosting, and database issue. These are not an excuse to not address this issue immediately. If you want to make sure your web visitors won’t be annoyed by your slow-loading website, you need to clean your backend, optimize the photos, and purchase more bandwidth. You need to do everything that will allow your site to load as fast as possible.

Why is that? Studies show that 40% of your possible web visitors will want your site to load in two seconds or less. A staggering 47% won’t even wait for your web page to load if it takes more than three seconds to do so. This means that as a web owner or manager, you have a very short window to attract potential clients. Three seconds, to be exact. That’s the maximum time your site is allowed to go slow. Go slower than that and you’re going to lose a huge chunk of your target audience.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. You have experienced opening a website, too. How do you feel whenever it takes the page longer than three seconds to load? Don’t you feel annoyed and irritated? And there’s a variety of reasons why people feel that way.

If you are checking the product’s amount before going to the store to pick one up, you are virtually pushing your customer away. Your customer will simply check out your competitor’s products. And since he cannot access your site anyway to make a sound decision on what product to purchase, he’ll just go with your competitor’s.

When they need to find information that only your website has, they’ll turn instead to third-party sources. The result? They might be given erroneous information about something you should be an authority of, and it’s all because your site cannot load properly.

Those who are accessing your website through their data allowance might never do so again because waiting for the page to load eats up their data. Basically, you are wasting their time and money trying to wait for the web page to open.

If these are not reasons enough for you, remember this: Google is penalizing slow-to-load websites. The algorithm rewards only sites that load at the specific time required. And if you have a video embedded from YouTube on your Lakeland web design, visitors have to watch it for 30 seconds and more for it to count as a view.