Assuming that you have already verified your Google My Business account, the next step is to optimize your page for Lakeland SEO. Your GMB page should be on the top three list of the GMB profiles that will appear on Google’s search results. That’s assuming you followed the SEO protocol of search engines such as Google and Bing.

A lot of businesses don’t even bother with their GMB profiles. This is going about your SEO strategy wrongly. Your GMB profile is as important as your website and social media pages. So, what are the information that should be on your GMB profile?

Business Name

You should use the legal business name that’s written on your business permit and across your websites and social media pages. This will help prevent any confusion that arises from using a common business. Use the same information you use on all your marketing materials.


This is pretty simple and straightforward. Check medicine if you’re in the medical field, restaurants if you’re in the food business, and retail if you’re selling products.


This is the same address that should be on your website and social media pages. This is also the same address on your company stationery. It is important that you put the exact address as it would appear on Google Maps. So often, people click the map without checking if it was even in the right state.

Hours/Special Hours

Put your business hours here. Make it a point to edit this information during special holidays, especially if your hours are going to change.


Just like with the business address, be consistent with the telephone number (and format) you are going to use. Do not confuse your customers by using different contact numbers on your website, GMB profile, and social media pages.


Enter the exact URL of your website. The links and are viewed as two different URLs. Stick to the one that’s on your website’s address bar.

Appointment URL

Ideally, you should have a separate URL form for appointments channeled through GMB. This will keep a record of how many customers inquired through your GMB profile page. Including an appointment URL on your GMB profile will help retain and attract customers.


You should fill this section up with the services and products that you offer. If there are too many, focus on the main ones. You may even include the prices for the products and services. People will be able to look at your services without visiting your website, which is prone to slow loading time.

Business Description

You’re allowed to have a 250-word business description. You should tell your customers what your business can offer them that others cannot. Remember that you need to stand out and not fit in with the rest of the competition.


Of course, you can also add photos to your GMB page. You can use site photos so guests can easily locate your business. For restaurants, you can upload images of your menu in this section.

Make sure your GMB profile is all set up to avoid confusion and to reap its benefits for Lakeland SEO.