Most people think that the design in Orlando web design actually refers to art as in the same art that makes Picasso and Michaelangelo household names. This is farther from the truth because web design isn’t just about art (though that is part of it), but it is about the overall makeup of the website that makes it a joy to navigate. In fact, the navigational elements of a website may even be more important than the design of the website itself.

Design can be polarizing because a lot of people misunderstood it. Design is emotional. Design is subjective. But sometimes, design is also objective. And most of the time, design is never understood. Because if you think about it, when it comes to the subjectivity of design, then all hell breaks loose. No one will be able to refute what anyone says when the subjectivity of one thing is the matter.

The reason why Orlando web design is often misunderstood is because people confuse it for art. It is not. It can be, but it is not required to be. Have you ever interacted with art? Have you ever looked at a painting and tried to interact with it the same way you would a website? Okay, for the really artistic people, art evokes something in them but it is not the same kind of interaction you need from a website. That is the difference between art and web design.

Web design is not a decoration. People need web design because they will do something with it. They will navigate it. They will click on the elements there. While graphic artists do make art so web users can appreciate the images posted on the website, it is not the same thing as designing a website for navigational purposes.

The design in web design represents textures, colors, shapes, font style, photography, and visual design. In truth, the last one makes up just a fifth of what web design is all about. Because when a web design reduces itself to only what looks good, then it will sacrifice the more important elements of a website—goals, call to action, research, structure, usability, and persuasion triggers.

So, in the end, although art matters to Orlando web design, it is not the most important element of a website. The usability and ease of navigation remain to be the core competencies of a website.