To create a great Lakeland website design, you must understand what your customers want to see on your website. If you are using an e-commerce website to persuade them to buy something from your company, then you need to figure out their buyer’s journey. How do they go from a casual web visitor to a loyal customer who will return to your site to buy another product?

The best way to understand them is to think like a customer. Open your website and go from the homepage to the product page and through the checkout process. Were you happy with that journey you took? Are you going to come back and buy more from the website?

Great Pictures

When a customer opens the product page, he wants to see great photos that will show him how the product looks in real life. Post close-up photos of the products. Make sure that the customers can see even the tiniest detail in the product. This will give them an idea of the quality of the products that you are selling.

Detailed Description

The product should have a description of its features. This part should have the product’s color, size, style, and more information about what the customers can do with it. Here, the customer should find all the features and benefits of the products. What can it do for them? Whatever you write here can convince customers to buy your products and services, so be extra careful with your wording.

Additional Information

This part contains links to various other products that complement the first one the customer wants to buy. You can suggest new products and services to them, especially products that buyers like them also purchased in the past. Think of the way Amazon suggests products for you to buy along with what’s already in your shopping cart. This additional feature will boost your revenue.

Check Out and Payment Methods

The best way to discourage customers to buy from you is to make the checkout process as painful as possible. Allow guest checkout. Provide other means for the customers to pay for their purchases. They could pay via debit/credit card, wire transfer, Paypal, remittance, and even cash on delivery. The more payment options you have, the more customers will want to transact with you.


A customer wants to know that his order was received and confirmed. This should be the last page of the Lakeland website design. After he paid for the product, send a confirmation message to his email together with a thank-you note for purchasing something from your store. Update the customer if the product has been shipped. It would also be nice if you can send the tracking code.