Right now, if you’re in the process of designing a website, then your Orlando web design contractor is your best friend. The web designer will introduce you to the variety of elements that will both confuse and amaze you. But there’s one thing that they shouldn’t forget to discuss with you about and that’s the possible colors to be used on your site. Color plays a very particular role in how effective your website will become in the future.

A lot of people didn’t think much about the colors of their website. They think that black and white will go with anything. They think the pastels will naturally attract younger women. They think that red is a symbol of power. They think that all shades of green mean tranquility, calmness, and peace. But the colors of your Orlando web design are much more complicated than that.

Blue and Red

You really shouldn’t be using the colors blue and red if you run and manage a non-government organization. NGOs tend to be political, and there is no color more political in the United States then red and blue. Naturally, red will refer to the Republicans and blue to the Democrats. If you do not want to be associated with either of the two major political parties in the United States, then you should stay away from using red and blue on your website (again, this applies only if you run an NGO and other non-profit organizations).

For some, red means power but others also associate it with desire. The use of red on your Orlando web design depends on the kind of products and services that you offer. While red might look good on an online store that sells women’s lingerie, it wouldn’t look as empowering on a store that sells women’s office clothes.


Not all shades of green are created equal. For example, neon green tends to be tacky. Forest green is the calmest and most relaxing of all shades of green. Oliver green looks dull. Grass green looks to be on the brighter shade of the color, which is why most of the designers aren’t completely fond of it. Designers need to strike a balance when choosing a color in the shade of green.


Many web designers use the color black because it looks professional and formal. They use this specifically for websites for museums, advertising agencies, and any other company or organization that promotes culture and art. However, for some people, black may seem a little too boring, dull, and lifeless. While others see it is sophistication, there’s also a population that says it is uninspired.