Many businesses and professionals understand the importance of Orlando web design, but still make mistakes when designing and launching their websites. Marketers will tell you to focus on the design and elements of your website. They will highlight how much your website can contribute to bringing clients to your business. And yet, web users have reasons of their own for mistrusting your website. You’ll be surprised how normal and ordinary these things are.

Complex Layouts

If it’s hard to navigate your website, there’s a good chance web users won’t spend time knowing its ins and outs. They won’t waste time studying how to get from one point to another. They can visit another website. It will take them half the time to navigate a user-friendly website than studying your complex layout. Don’t ever use complicated layouts and designs for your website. You will push web users away.

Pop-up Ads

There’s a reason why pop-ad blockers have become so important for web users. Advertisements are annoying. Web users are more tolerant of ads on the sidebars than with ads popping on their screens every time they click on a link. And don’t get us started about ads that reroute the web users. Those are the worst internet ads ever.

Small Print

Your website should be legible and easy to read. What’s the use of your website if the web users cannot read the content? Make sure that your site is easy on the eyes. The site needs to use the right contrast of colors. You have to know your audience, too. If you’re targeting the Millennial Generation, you can do away with 36 px, but this might be unintelligible for people with eyesight problems (the Baby Boomers Generation).

Lack of Color

There’s nothing wrong with using monochromatic colors. You can use a black-and-white color scheme, but only if this fits your company’s personality. Try to incorporate some colors into your Orlando web design. If the color scheme is too boring, your web users won’t be persuaded to browse through your site. You may want to study what different colors mean and how they affect a person. You can use the colors that attract the attention of people more.

Slow-loading Websites

Nothing kills a web user’s interest more than slow-loading web pages. Make sure that the website can load under five seconds lest you want every web user that passes through it to close the browser and never go back. Check the things that affect the loading speed of the web page. address the issues accordingly.