We all know that videos are great for SEO ranking. With videos on your website, you can rank high search engines such a Google and Bing. However, the question is what kind of videos should you produce for your Orlando web design? Many businesses thought that they simply need to produce any kind of videos. They think that they are putting their business in a good position to compete with others in the industry when they post videos on the website. This is not true. Some videos are more advantageous for a business compared to others.

It is not about the visual quality of the videos. It’s more about what kind of message the video is trying to impart to its audience. If your videos are confusing and do not send a central message, you will confuse your audience and they will forget about watching it. Your videos should stay with your audience long after they have gone through with it.

Your videos do not need to be lengthy. You should forget about making a dragon video because customers hate wasting 10 minutes of their precious time watching a video that could have been shortened to three minutes or less. Make your reviews short and sweet, as they say.

Product Videos

Your customers want to see product videos. They want to know how the products look in videos. Make sure that you take detailed angles of the product so that the customers will have a feel of what the products will look like in person. If you are selling services, you need to show your customers why they need such services in their lives.

Instructional Videos

If the products and services you are selling are complicated to use and a bit different from all the other products and services in the market, it makes sense to have instructional videos on your website. Just make sure to include a label on your actual product telling your customers where they can watch the instructional videos. By leading your existing customers to the instructional videos on your website, you are also opening up the opportunity for others to check out what you have to offer.

Here is how to know what your customers want to see on your Orlando web design: think of yourself as your customer. What would you want to see on your website? What are you going to look for when you visit a website that you want to buy an item from? What do you know the answers to these questions, you have the power to choose the right videos to use on your website.