When it comes to Lakeland web design nowadays, the number one priority to keep in mind for your design is always the user-first approach. Website owners are implementing approaches that prioritize the user’s experience first and foremost. The visual impact is then used to complement that approach.

One of those approaches involve the use of emotional web design principles. Before we get into the usage of emotional web design, we’ll first talk about what an emotional web design principle actually is.

Simply put, emotional web design refers to the design approach that makes use of human emotion to deliver the design’s message. The main goal of an emotional web design is to make users feel good about purchasing your products and services.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s move on to how emotional web design can actually be applied. Here are some ways that you can use emotional web design principles.


Color is a big part of any web design. The color palette you choose for your web design is supposed to reflect the mood of your business. However, not only does your website color scheme reflect the theme of your business, but specific colors have the ability to convey and evoke certain emotion in users.

For example, financial-related companies are more likely to use the color green in their websites and marketing. This is because the color green evokes feelings of financial stability, which is what you’re looking for in a bank or investment company.

Blue is used for companies that have a high level of customer satisfaction as their number one priority. Because it symbolizes stability and loyalty, these are usually used in the medical industry.


Using your web design to interact with your users is a great way to evoke feelings of personalization in them. Designing your elements to do something when your users accomplish a task or perform an action on your website is one way to interact with your users. Even something as simple as an animation playing when your users succeed in inputting their password correctly on your site is a good way to promote user interaction.

Engage your users

When users go on websites, they prefer an experience that feels more personal. Users like it when it feels like websites care about their experience. In order to accomplish that, web designers make use of different tactics to deliver that experience to their users.

From using humorous site copy, to using Lakeland web design that reflects the theme of the business, they manage to create an experience that users aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.