Many companies make the mistake of thinking they are done with their website design once it is live and published. As a business owner, you are tasked to update your website and make sure that it follows the trend. Since we are about to end this year and are looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us, we decided to take a peek into the website trends that we will encounter along the way.


Again, speed remains to be a primary issue for web visitors. It remains to be the most critical component of every website. It has been reported that users expect a website to load in two seconds or less. If it did not load at that time, users are more likely to give up and try another website.

Google also recently announced that a website’s loading time may affect its ranking in the search engine. Websites that load within a few seconds may see a bump in their rankings while those with slow loading time may fall several pages back.


You may think that having a variety of images, animations, graphics, videos, and music on one web page is attractive to the users. The best approach for 2019 is minimalism. It is making a huge comeback to the website design world because of mobile-friendliness and speed. Design features such as videos, animations, and graphics slow down a website’s loading page. These features are also not mobile-friendly so they will affect the millions of people solely accessing the web through their phones.

Video backgrounds

Minimalism may be trendy for 2019 but on the other end of the spectrum, video backgrounds are growing in popularity as well. Video backgrounds is a video that plays in the background of the website. Some website does this for their homepage so visitors will get a glimpse of the company’s products and services. Video backgrounds on the inside pages can provide specific information about the product line and services.

Research has shown that videos are effective than text in telling a story and in advertising products and services. People are more likely to finish watching a video than reading a blog post. It is more entertaining to watch a video than to read a lengthy post about a product or service. This means that incorporating video backgrounds on your website can increase your conversions.

But if you choose to use video backgrounds, make sure that your website will still load fast and will be fairly simple to navigate.