For a lot of websites, the blog is an integral part of the overall website design and structure. This is especially true for websites that rely primarily on their websites for their main source of traffic and revenue. Because of this, you have to know and understand that designing a blog page of a website has its own set of rules to make sure that it is as appealing to your users as the rest of your website.

Of course, it should maintain the same level of consistency in terms of design as the rest of your website, but there are specific design rules that you might have to follow. The reason behind this is that blogs are very content-heavy, and you need to do what you can to make your users more comfortable with browsing and navigating around your blogs. Here are some website design practices for your blog that you should definitely avoid.

Breaking up the content into too many pages

In a world where clicks are valued in a website more than actual content, you will find far too many offenders of this particular point. It makes sense to break up the text into several pages if it’s too long, but plenty of websites have begun to break up articles into several pages to the point where each page is only three or four paragraphs long. This makes it more discouraging on the side of the user to continue reading a post because they have to keep waiting for the next page to load.

Too little whitespace and small font is not a good combination

If the majority of your website content is written articles, then you should make sure that you design this right as it is very easy to lose users because of overly wordy content. Never use a small font size and style for your content. Always choose a font that is simple and easy to read. Don’t waste yours or your users’ time with fancy fonts that are hard to read, you will lose readers that way. And when designing the pages for your blog posts, always learn how to make good use of whitespace.

Whitespace is the amount of space around your paragraphs, words, and letters, and it’s always a good idea to learn how to balance your use of it. Too much whitespace means wasting a lot of space on the page, and too little makes it hard for users to read the content. It’s always a good idea to test out your pages on a small number of users to make sure that you get it right.

Making it hard to share your content

If you want your content to be shared to more readers, then you should definitely make it easier for users to share your content. A lot of sites are set up that the share buttons are only located in one area of the page, and by the time the reader has finished with the article, they may have completely forgotten about sharing your article.