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Web Design is Just Good Business
It’s been said that form follows function, which means that the design, shape or appearance should be based on the intended purpose of a structure. This classic architectural law has never been truer with regard to website design.Effective website design is at its essence, the combination of the graphic skills of the designers with the business objectives of the client. The function of the site whether it is to communicate expertise, transact commerce or build additional traffic must always drive its form or design. This simple concept is the basis of the work of BrightSky Web Design.
Why is Design Important for a Website?
A business website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. This first impression, good or bad, can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in future revenue over the lifetime of the customer. A compelling site design, with a crisp, clean look and feel, can encourage a visitor from the other side of the globe or just down the block to stop and consider doing business with the company.

Aside from first impressions, a web site’s design is critical when the business objective is to sell products on the site or via a bricks and mortar store. Such sites as Amazon.com have proven that innovative design can turn massive website traffic into millions of paying customers 24/7.

A website is pretty much useless if no one comes by to visit it. The professionals at BrightSky Web Design understand how to incorporate search engine optimization tools into the design of every site. While this SEO can prove challenging improper techniques can result in removal of sites from popular search engine rankings this tool is critical to building future customers who discover the company from an initial search engine query.

The BrightSky Philosophy
Most good business decisions start with analyzing the facts, reviewing options and using one’s best judgement as to which service or supplier will best serve the interest of the company within a budget. Such is the case with choosing a design company to build an effective website.

The BrightSky Web Design team is a group of talented professionals who are committed to listening to a customer and turning their objectives into a compelling website. The work is done on time and on budget and as always, the form follows function.

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