Lakeland web designWhen building websites, we have to always think of ways to make it livelier and more presentable to the clients. We cannot always be traditional and depend on classic themes and traditional Lakeland web design. If you want to have an enhanced web design, you have to make use of trendy ideas to separate your site from the rest.Here are some web design effects you can try to use on your corporate website:

Expanding and huge search bar

We think there’s nothing more satisfying that clicking the search icon and watching it expand into a huge search bar. Since search functionalities are getting better and better, then why not make your search bar better by wowing the customers with it? It’s definitely easier to use.

Navigation blur

Some are big fans of this effect while others are on a limbo about it. The navigation blur works like this: when you hover your cursor over a certain part of the navigation, the rest of the page will blur on the background. This will highlight your selected navigation, making sure that you’re clicking the right link.

Animated icons

There’s nothing like animated icons to make your website shine brighter. When using animation, make sure not to overstuff your website with it. Use it sparingly, so that the desired effect will be truly successful. For example, you can use animation when the cursor hovers a certain icon on your website. That icon can jiggle or jump.

Subtle drop shadow

This is the perfect method to let your visitors know that a picture, a word or a symbol on your website is clickable. Make sure to use a “subtle” shadow, and don’t overdo it, of course.

Branch out navigation bar

If you want a minimalist approach to your website, try to have a branching out navigation bar. Once you click on an item on the navi bar, it will simply extend to more options. If you click outside of the bar, the page will simply revert the way it was before the bar expanded.

Easy scroll up

You know how Facebook implements the “new stories” clickable icon on their mobile app? That’s about the same thing you can do for your website if it has too much content and you simply add fresh ones on top of the page. Having to scroll all the way to the top can be pretty annoying, so make it easier for your visitors by adding a simple icon to go back to the top of the page.