When it comes to web design, you may find that there is a lot of discussion about whether or not background videos can be considered an effective part of a design strategy. For some people, a background video is eye-catching and engaging. For others, it makes the website slow down and is considered annoying.

However, no matter what your take on background videos are on a website, you can’t deny that it’s something that you’re seeing a lot more nowadays. As websites become more sophisticated, more and more features are becoming trendy nowadays, and background video has become one of them. If implementing background video on your website is something that you might be interested in, here are some tips to help you implement it effectively.

Good background video practices

Keep it short

When it comes to using background video on your website design, it’s important to remember to keep it short. A background video isn’t something that you use to give a full-on tutorial or autobiography, it’s meant to be a creative way to introduce your company and appeal to your users. Because of this, it should be kept short enough to still hold the attention of your audience. Short videos are smaller file size, so they load quicker, which is optimal for your website’s load speed.

Avoid using sound

Part of the reason why plenty of people dislike the idea of background videos for a web design is that there are plenty of websites that implement it poorly. One of the poor practices of website implementation is using sound on a background video. Users don’t want a blast of sound as soon as they open your website, so use a background video that knows how to tell a good story without sound.

Learn how to implement it for mobile

Mobile responsiveness should be one of your main priorities for your web design, and when using background video, this might be difficult to implement in a mobile platform. In order to go about this, it is highly recommended that you use an image as a placeholder. This way, your mobile users don’t have to worry about a background video taking up a lot of their mobile data just to load your website.

Learn when a background video might not be the best choice for your web design

As important as learning how to implement a background video is, you should also know when the wrong time to implement a background video on your web design would be. Essentially, the wrong time to implement a background video for your website is when you want your users to focus on the content of your website. A background video is designed to grab the attention of your users away, so if you want the focus of your website to be on the content, then this wouldn’t be a good time to use a background video.