Lakeland web designHow difficult is it to design a clean-cut Lakeland web design when all your client wants to fill it with images and graphics? Isn’t it always a little hard to argue with someone who knows what he wants but does not understand why that same concept wouldn’t work?How can you convince your client that today’s trend, even with fast and reliable internet speed, is all about a simple web design? How can you explain that a graphics-heavy website does not work anymore and that sites that use white space are more efficient and effective?

The way to understanding what a client’s website needs is to ask questions. Know what it is that he hopes to accomplish with his website. Make sense of what the company is all about and how the website can work to deliver the goals it sets forth. Understanding the company’s mission and vision, and having knowledge of what it essentially wants, are keys to designing a website that can trigger the needed response.

While some websites are selling products that would allow it to be more lenient in terms of using photos and graphics, no website today has been successful with elements that can distract the customers from what it’s trying to convey. When it comes to websites, all of them have to major goals–to sell a product or to disseminate information. There is no in between.

Convincing clients of the efficiency of simple web design

In order to let clients see that a simple web design works best than a cluttered one, simply show him a sample of each. Let him navigate a cluttered, graphics-heavy website with information all over the place. Let him see how difficult it is to filter through the inane details just to get to the information the visitor wants.

Then, allow him to see how easy and hassle-free is it to navigate through a site that uses clean and precise elements. This means that every element on the site has a specific purpose and no icon, word, or symbol was put there that has no use.

If that doesn’t convince him, then explain how difficult it is to manage a cluttered web design. Let the client know that it will take a team of IT experts to maintain, clean, and recalibrate a website from time to time. But when he has a website that is as cluttered as he would want it to be, he would lose a lot of time dealing with it than managing his actual business.