Not too long ago, videos are an afterthought. Sure, they’re “okay,” but they are not the be-all and end-all of promotions and advertisements. They rarely get a spot on Tampa web design because they are too much trouble (they require a lot of bandwidth and they are costly to produce). But in the past decade, we have seen how YouTube took videos to the mainstream internet. Today, videos are essential to the success of every website you can find on the internet.

Just think about it. What website does not have a video on its pages? And if they don’t have a promotional video, what other materials do they use? Yes, a photo or a chart or an animation. Visual arts have gone a long way from its conception.


Sometimes, the message of a marketing material can get lost. This is the reason why many marketers prefer to have videos and photos on their blog posts. Seeing as these two are the first things that web users try to look for, they have the power to capture the audience’s attention. Videos and photos should offer clarity. They should explain concepts, ideas, and theories. They should offer an easier way for people to understand a marketing message.


Almost 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. People remember things they see rather than things they hear or read. Why do you think big Hollywood producers create movies from the books they read? It’s not just because people are more watchers than readers. It’s because people mostly remember things they see and forget about the things they read about.


There is a bigger possibility that your audience will read through your blog if it is accompanied by a video or photo. Videos capture the viewers’ attention and hold it. Videos tend to be more interesting and engaging, too. They create a strong association between the brand and the audience. Such power can be used to persuade the web visitors to make a purchase or subscribe to a service.


Do you know that you can communicate more effectively visually? Plain text makes it harder to convey messages. But if you’re using videos for your Tampa web design, you have a better chance of getting through your potential market. You can even communicate more complex ideas when you use videos instead of plain text. Posting a video on your webpage will create more understanding with your audience.