You can boost your Lakeland marketing campaigns with the use of videos on your social media and traditional marketing strategies. The proliferation of online video streaming platforms pushed businesses to use videos as a marketing tool. In 2018, Hubspot reported that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Above Competitors

Using videos for your marketing strategies will help differentiate your business from the rest of the competitors. It has the power to engage with your clients more than any other marketing tool. Instead of using static text and images, businesses should consider using videos because of the high demand for it. Potential clients are more inclined to support businesses that use videos on their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Product Videos for Niche Industry

Product videos are especially important for niche industries. This means that your brand or product is not yet well known in the market. You need to introduce it to your market first using videos. There are very few people in this world who like reading long articles and blog posts about a product. They would rather prefer watching a five-minute video presentation of what the product is.

In a survey by Forbes, 90% of the respondents said that product videos inform their purchase decisions. With that being said, you should produce videos for your business that will show how useful and beneficial it is for your target market to purchase the products.

Building Trust Through User-generated Content

Consumers don’t simply listen to marketing campaigns anymore. They want actual users to tell them that they should buy the products. As such, it is important to persuade your current customers to write reviews about your products and services. When your target market sees positive reviews for your business, this will ignite interest and possible sales.

Building trust doesn’t mean relying on your word alone. Telling your customers to buy your products because of its features no longer work. They need to hear it from your clients. In effect, you need to convince your target market to try out your products and services, impress them, and hope that they will recommend your business to their network.

Appealing to Audience via Social Media

Finally, social media keeps on introducing new features such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live. This only shows how the integration of videos is quickly changing the way businesses appeal to their target market. They know that their audience is primarily on social media, so they use it for their Lakeland marketing campaigns.