In spite of the minimalist and quick-loading design that websites are aiming for these days, a Lakeland website design will still benefit from a video background because it increases conversions. You’d think that videos can bog down the speed of loading a site, huh? Apparently, when it comes to traffic conversions, video backgrounds have won over the speed requirements.

Here’s the reason why we’re risking putting videos on our websites: it’s visually appealing and it is simply more compelling than text or flat images ever will be. You have seen this trend on Facebook and other websites in the past year, we are sure. On Facebook, they have found a way to attract users to watch a video even with the mute on. The videos are on auto-play, allowing the users to watch them while they scroll through their feeds.

Simply said, videos are prioritized over other kinds of content on social media and even on your main website. When a user lands on your site and a video is playing in the background, they are likely to stick around to watch it because videos are attention-getting. And remember, the more that a user stays on your website, the more likely they are to convert—purchase a product or subscribe to a service.

The longer a user stays on your Lakeland website design and raises your time on site metric, the better your SEO is. Today, search engines have updated their algorithm to display websites that use video backgrounds. You are not solely dependent on the text content and the still images on the website. Even your background can work to boost your brand’s presence online.

The power of video cannot be stated in words. They convey your message quickly and effectively, something that a page-long article or a high-definition image cannot achieve with as much conviction as necessary. The fact that a video can convey that message in just a matter of seconds is the icing to the cake. The real benefit of video backgrounds for a website is its ability to effectively explain to users a complex message in the short amount of time that you have their attention.

There’s also something so elegant and modern and advance about videos playing in the background of a website. As long as the video is short, is muted, and has a nice quality look to it, a video background will work for the benefit of your website and will barely affect its ranking on search engines even if it somehow causes the site to slow down.