Do you remember that in your art class, the teacher talked about the rule of thirds? Depending on how good your teacher is at discussing this most vital photography principle, you should have always remembered it or at least, tried to apply it to your photos. In Orlando web design, this much is true, too. Even in the 21st century, the rule of thirds is one of the most important visual elements that you can apply on your website. It will draw the web visitors’ attention.

It’s always a good idea to use images on your website. It brings more life to your website. But be careful about using just any ordinary image. You want that image to be dynamic and appealing. You want that image to do its work of convincing the web visitors to trust your website or to browse it further.

The best images follow the rule of thirds. Basically, it means putting a grid (whether visible or invisible) in your viewfinder. The grid will divide the image into nine equal parts. That’s going to happen by using two vertical lines and two horizontal lines equally spaced to form a grid. The compositional elements of your image should be placed along the lines of that grid or in its intersections.

What are the compositional elements of the image? These are usually the subject of the image. If it’s a portrait, then it’s the person. If it’s a product image, then it’s the main product itself. The idea that putting the subject in the middle of the frame is just wrong. The subject should be slightly on the left or right with the horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the subject.

The spaces should be used to complement the image, too. That empty space should be in the direction the subject is looking or heading into.

How Beautiful Images Help a Website

Beautiful and big images help a website look better. Making sure that your images are interesting is not just the goal of every website. The Orlando web design needs the images to be appealing visually, too. The rule of thirds will help you get to that.

If you are using stock photos for your website, make sure to apply this law when choosing the photos to download or buy. If you are composing the photos yourself, try to see how applying the rule of thirds will change the overall look of the images.