Why do you think travel magazines use the colors blue and green as their main color scheme? Why is the red sign an internationally recognized symbol that you need to stop? Why is green a go, yellow for slow down, and red for stop? Colors play a role in Lakeland marketing because they evoke different emotions. They can influence potential clients to buy, subscribe, and support a business.

Do you know how important colors are for a business? A survey showed that 93% of buyers focused on the visual appearance of a product and close to 85% said that the colors are the primary reasons why they chose to make a purchase.


The color red is often associated with anger, but marketers use it for sales, discounts, and promotions. It whets the appetite of your target market, instilling a sense of urgency in them. When they see those bold red letters that tell them there’s a sale, they instantly know that this will be available for a limited time. Thus, they must make a purchase to take advantage of the discounts.


This color reflects trust, credibility, and professionalism. It is most preferred by men. So, if you’re marketing to this specific demographic, you must use any shades of blue on your Lakeland marketing materials. Blue is generally used by companies looking to introduce their brands.


Green means peace, serenity, and tranquility. It is used to promote health, power, and nature. The color is used in companies that want to promote an environmental issue. It stimulates harmony in the customers’ brains and encourages a person to make a positive decision.


Did you notice that beauty and cosmetic companies use the purple color in their products? This color promotes wisdom, royalty, and respect. It also stimulates creativity and problem-solving.

Orange and Yellow

These are cheerful colors. Although yellow and orange can sometimes trigger feelings of caution, they also stimulate impulsiveness in people. Even window shoppers can easily be persuaded to buy your products or subscribe to a service.


While it is generally okay to use black to convey elegance and power, do not overdo it. Many businesses fail at their marketing strategies because they overuse certain colors. It is also often a symbol of intelligence, so many professionals also choose this color for their websites and other marketing materials.

It is important to use the psychology of colors when designing a Lakeland marketing strategy. Properly evoking the emotions needed to persuade customers will put your business in a good position to compete with others.