Designing for your Lakeland web design has always been more of a visual experience. After all, when it comes to online browsing, we use our eyes to take in the content and images that interest us. However, interestingly enough, designers are starting to look into using sound as another element that can be used in web design. This move can potentially bring user experience to another level, adding another layer to the typical user’s experience when browsing online. When used right, sound can be a powerful tool in web design. Here are some ways sound can be incorporated into web design.
One major way that sound has been introduced into web design and user experience is through the use of notifications for web and mobile applications. Using the right sound, notifications can pull a user into demanding their immediate response towards something. Text messages and apps are a very common way that notification sounds are being used to increase user experience.
Websites are starting to use notifications as well, especially if it is a site that a user frequents regularly. Notifications are also being used as a warning signal as well, for example, if your device’s battery is running low, it typically emits a low, slightly worrisome sound that you’ve come to associate with a low battery, prompting you to charge your phone as soon as possible.
Using sound to give your brand a unique identity
Sound can also be used to establish a unique brand identity for your website. Jingles and signature ringtones are a great example of this. Apple’s signature ringtone helps you identify what product is being used simply by hearing the sound. Sound can be a powerful factor in branding and marketing, as long as it is used correctly, Choose a sound that is pleasant to the ears, easy to identify, and doesn’t run on too long.
Some things to note
When it comes to using sound for your web design, it is important to use a light hand when utilizing this element. Avoid bombarding your visitors with a lot of sound when they enter your website, as was the trend for many MySpace accounts back in the day. Keep in mind your users’ comfort when they open your website or use your application.
Nobody wants to open a site only to have a barrage of unwanted sound blaring out at them. Learn the best instances to use audio in your Lakeland web design, and use it sparingly. Understand your target audience, and learn how to work sound into their online user experiences.